Make Your Own World & Masks, Puppetry & Juggling (JULY 31-AUGUST 2) ; 9-4pm (Full Day)

07/31/2018 09:00 AM - 08/02/2018 04:00 PM ET
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$165.00 Member
$185.00 Non-member


July 31-August 2


July 31-August 2: Tues | Wed | Thurs, 9-12pm
Grades entering 1+
Instructor: Abbeth Russell
Using art supplies and recycled materials, each student will make their own character and build a home for them. As a class, we will work together to create our own unique world by combining and exploring our characters and their homes. Don’t miss this fun camp – there is so much creativity and the possibilities are endless. 12 student maximum.

**** LUNCH BREAK 12-1PM *****


July 31-August 2: Tues | Wed | Thurs, 1-4pm
Grades entering 1+
Instructor: Abbeth Russell
Create fantastic characters and bring them to life through paper masks and finger puppets. Learn the basics of juggling and how to make your own juggling balls. We will build stories and performances around what we create and learn. 12 student maximum. 


** Students should pack a snack and drink for each day of camp.

** Pack a hat / arrive wearing sun protection. Short breaks / lunch hour may be spent outside if weather permits. 

** Students enrolled in back-to-back camps have the option to stay for the 1hr lunch/recreation hour. Students choosing this option are advised to pack a lunch and water bottle to keep them fueled throughout the day. 

** We cannot accept early drops offs - please adhere to drop off and pick up times. 

** All students need to complete and return a consent form to


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